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Mom? That You?

Powered By Vintage 101

Written by: Bella Date: November 05, 2017

Dear Brownie,


It's been a while since I put on an outfit that made me feel expensive. I changed my name to Bethanie for this post! Today, I'm keeping the talk really short. Vintage 101 is a cute IG store that stocks one of a king vintage pieces. I received one of their MOM jeans/pants. Guys, I've never tried the mom style before today and it's obvious all that I've been missing out on! More on the brand below:



About the Brand...

Vintage 101 is an online vintage shop. They provide vintage pieces ranging from denims to dress to shirts for old school fanatics. Their pieces are one-off pieces,meaning there is not one that is duplicated. Their bestseller mom jeans are premium quality brands that were available in the 70s and the best thing is that they provide for every size including the plus size beauties.


Brownie Points...

Quality: Amazing quality, loved the fabric

Price:Their prices are ranged between 1k to 10k but the mom jeans are fixed at 4k. Pretty standard

Delivery: They also deliver nationwide within 48 hours which is amazing



What I'm wearing...

Hat- Cruise ship souvenir

Sunglasses- Fads_spot 

Top- Asos

Trousers- Vintage 101

Heels- River Island



What's your favorite vintage piece?


Be Better Brownie!



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