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Brownie's Guide To Christmas In Abuja

Yes, In Abuja

Written by: Bella Date: December 21, 2017

Dear Brownie,


Christmas always makes me feel giddy and hyper! I also have more time to think of myself for once (and my pending dissertation, of course) It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself  but if that’s not for you, may I present to you the first ever ‘Brownie’s guide to…’ post. 

Abuja is notoriously 'DRY' during christmas but I'm here to put some spring back in your step!


This is a new series on the site that features my top 5 picks for a range of things from dessert spots to make up stores, you name it! The maiden post features my top 5 things to do/places to go this holiday season! Let’s get started in no particular order:



5. Sunset Drive in- Yes, Abuja has a drive in movie thingie (couldn’t think of the proper word, honestly). Every weekend, they show  movies at their location and all you need to do is get in your car, pay to enter (1,500 per car!) and tune your radio to the frequency of the movie showing! Yes, get your popcorn, your snacks and maybe a blanket for cuddles and get driving! Here’s their social media so you stay up to date! IG: SUNSETDRIVENG


4. Bush Fighters Paint-ball club- What better way to deck the halls with the guys that a little shooting? Run! There’s an amazing and proper paint balling arena right in the centre of Abuja. Have you ever been? Well, what are you waiting for? Here’s their social media for more information- IG: BUSHFIGHTERPAINTBALLCLUB


3. Keje’s DJ Nights- Every Friday night, Keje’s features an amazing DJ, yummy cocktails, good company. Saddled in the nest of city park, you can’t miss it! Looking for a night out with the girls, searching for bae? There you go! Get going! Tell Joey I said Hi!! Here’s their social media- 


2. Sofa Lounge Karaoke- Can you sing?lol. Well, it doesn’t matter! Sofa lounge gives you the opportunity to live out your wildest Beyonce dreams. Do it! Do it now! Here’s their social media- IG: SOFALOUNGE


1. Trukadero Bowling and Arcade- So let’s do something to make you sweat a little. Trukadero has a bunch of options perfect for the whole family. Try out bowling, see if you can get your name on the top 10 list or go upstairs and play an array of games! Video  games, board games, interactive games, oh my!



Honorable mentions…


 I have to throw in these even though their technically not on my list. I never stick to rules unless I have to!


**Rabby Recreational Center- If you feel like unleashing the kid in you, they have bouncy castles!! They have play areas for kids, a climbing section, golf and animals! It’s the cutest place because after playing around and exploring, you can go in and have something to eat or drink all in one place! They’re located in life camp!

**National Park and Zoo- If you’re an Abuja native, you already know where this is but if you’re not, its a cute picnic area/zoo/natural adventures zone hidden away in Abuja. If you’re an outdoorsman or woman, this could be perfect for you and your crew. Pack a picnic bag and head out to discover it all. Google maps will take you right to it!




I hope this helps you have an amazing holiday season! Have fun, stay safe and most importantly, never forget that HE is the reason for the season




How do you like the series? Would you like more?


Be Better Brownie!





1 Readers Commented

  1. Tonye December 21, 2017 | Reply
    Yes, I like this series! I just moved to Abuja from Lagos and honestly had no idea this existed here. Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely check these places out. Please continue the series🙌🏽🙌🏽 Tonye IG: Theblackwriter

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