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Abuja Finds: Santi Food Co

Exploring Abuja One Joint At A Time

Written by: Bella Date: April 20, 2018

Dear Brownie,

Yes, another segment on the blog ‘Brownie’s Abuja Finds...'. Here's the back story: 

EVERY TIME I go out and I post on my snapchat, I get a truck load of questions on where I was, how the food there was, etc. This is my solution! Every time I visit somewhere nice, and I'm opportune to take pictures, I will be writing tiny and short reviews! yay!!!


Today, I'm starting off with Santi food. I found this from another blogger's IG story, my behbeh girl Kachi of Staples and Style. She always knows the coolest places. So Imaan and I carried ourselves to Santi to have our own feel


First thing I have to say is that the store is SO aesthetically PLEASING! It's perfect for pictures! Like, I wanted to carry the backdrop with me! That being said, like a lot of things on social media, it looked smaller IRL (in real life)


The menu was a little heavy but interactive because you get to choose every aspect of your meal. They offer a limited but colorful range of orders. I got the yogurt bowl and Imaan got a grain bowl. 


Prices were premium from what I can recall ( I paid 2,800 for my bowl), and we were offered complimentary panini slices which I thought was very cute. The bowl was so big, I couldn’t finish it. Everything was of course very pretty as well. What I thought was really cute about Santi is that they sell majority of their products in their initial forms. For example, people go there to purchase tubs of greek yogurt and detox waters, etc etc.


Since this isn’t an actual review, I’ll end with this. If you’re up for a healthy meal option with picture perfect spots, Santi foods is for you. Here’s where you can find them:


Instagram: @santifoodco


Address: 1 Kindia close, off Bangui street, off Adetokunbo Ademola, Wuse 2



Should I share other Abuja Gems with you? Let me know!



Be Better Brownie!



Today, I'm starting off 

2 Readers Commented

  1. Winifred April 21, 2018 | Reply
    Cool place.The backdrops are definitely beautiful.
  2. Viola June 18, 2018 | Reply
    Wow! The aesthetics are really beautiful!

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