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Dear Moses Christopher

Written by: Bella Amu Date: March 02, 2016

Dear Moses Christopher,

I remember the first time you prayed for me like it was yesterday. I was stressed,depressed and departing from that deadly state of mind and I felt you take my hand through the phone, cup it over yours and send my troubles through you to HIM. He who brought you to me when He did. Not because we didn't deserve each other before, but because we had to go through so much to make sure we were prepared to appreciate each other.

It's funny how many times our paths have crossed since primary school without us even knowing it. We were both in the same town, we both travelled to other countries around the same time, we were both in school in the same country at the same time, and now, as fate will have it, we're here. Not "here" here because we're still apart, but here in that we share two bodies but our souls seem to be merging. 

I've been there. I've been in relationships I thought would never end. I've had love I thought could never get better, but God continues to prove to me that I know not the plans He has for me. I've written several lists depicting to God half heartedly what I wanted in a life partner. 

I said "Lord, make him not God fearing, but God Loving. Make him kind but not too kind, I want him wiser than me so he can keep up with me, but never condescending, he needs to be funny because I need laughter in my life. Let him be good, and competent and ever looking to better himself with me and for me..." 

And I always shrugged it all off afterwards, because I had been told that such a person could not possibly exist! But I've known you for more than a year and you make me believe so much in the impossible. I remember writing in my diary one day that I wanted to start praying again because of Moses. I wanted to keep you safe and good ( this is kind of embarrassing to say) because I knew you were mine. 

I don't know what will happen in the future. We could be here together today and gone the next but the reason this letter is open is because my heart is openly yours and loving you brings me no anxiety,  no shame, no regrets no matter the results.

My heart bleeds for the nights we've spent apart, sleeping in other people's arms, shouting, screaming, crying for 'love' lost.

You found me, and I found you. Happy Anniversary.

I love you,


15 Readers Commented

  1. Fanen March 02, 2016 | Reply
    This is such a beautiful piece, the God that joined you both will keep you forever
    • Brownie March 20, 2016
      Amen my dear! God bless you <3
  2. Ibeh March 02, 2016 | Reply
    Nice website.
  3. maro March 11, 2016 | Reply
    Awwww ... such an amazing write up.... God that has brought you both together would keep you together, amen . TBT I pray for this kind of love too
    • Brownie March 20, 2016
      Thank you so much, Maro!God bless you as you have blessed me!
  4. Mmesoma March 19, 2016 | Reply
    😢I literally started crying after reading this.You guys are so amazing...The perfect couple...I wish you guys the best😚💚💛
    • Brownie March 20, 2016
      There's no such thing as perfect my love, but God bless you <3
  5. Prinnie June 09, 2016 | Reply
    This is so beautiful and touching. I wish you guys all the best.
    • Brownie June 10, 2016
      Thank you so much <3
  6. Oyindamola June 16, 2016 | Reply
    This is so romantic *sniffs I love the way you're both focused on God, He'll see you through.
    • Brownie June 16, 2016
      Thank you, Dami <3
  7. Marilyn September 06, 2016 | Reply
    This so cute …❤❤😫😫😫
    • Brownie September 06, 2016
      Thank you <3
  8. dam December 11, 2017 | Reply

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