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How To Shop For A Baby Shower

What I'd Love For Baby Churro

Written by: Bella Date: January 16, 2019

Dear Brownie,

Now, this is coming from a selfish place mostly, lol. My baby shower is coming up soon (can’t believe I typed that!) and I thought I would be amazing friend and help out my OTHER amazing friends figure out what to get me (or us) as well as any other expectant parent you may know!


I’ve divided these after millions of youtube videos and advice from experienced mothers into different categories:


1.Everyday Essentials

2. Nursery needs

3. Bath time basics

4. Playtime Pieces


So let’s get started!

  1. Everyday Essentials- Everyday and every time needs should be attended to!

a. Silicon Bibs - You can never run out of these! They’re easy to clean and I’d recommend getting them in gender neutral colors so they can be used for the next baby as well! Here’s a visual: HERE

b. Bottle Sterilizer- From my research, this is KEY! If your yummy mummy is planning to breast feed, this could be the best gift you give them! Need an idea? 

c. Nursing Pillow- Who doesn’t want to be comfortable when a little human is draining life from your boobs? A nursing pillow ( little plump, not flat) makes nursing a breeze for the mother to be.


d. Pacifiers and teethers- Soothers are essential unless otherwise stated and there are a BUNCH of different types on the market! My suggestion is the more unique, the better. But when in doubt, stick with the basics! Like THIS 

e. Bottle Warmer- Yes, it seems to be all about what goes in the baby’s mouth right? This genius of a device takes out the hassle of boiling a bottle in a pot and makes it just a little more temperature efficient, not to talk of fancy maybe?

f. The Littles- These are the little things that can literally go all in one gift bag- Baby manicure set, brush and comb set (preferably wood not plastic),wash cloths and even that weird thing that they use to bring out snot from their little noses! The littles are the things that seem to get missing the most and constantly need replacing so why not be thoughtful and replace them before they even go missing?

g. Baby Skin care- Now you may not know what route mummy has chosen for skincare but you can never go wrong with brands like Johnsons and Johnsons or Aveeno. From shower gels to lotions to oils, a set would make any mummy smile!

h. Diapers- Perhaps the most obvious choice, diapers are in need 25/8. And they don’t have to be the disposable ones either! There are amazing brands that make new age re-usable diapers that do wonders for the environment but if you cannot be bothered (AKA long for man), stick to getting diapers for a variety of sizes because you never know how big or small the baby is going to get and how fast that will happen. Stay away from newborns though!

i. Baby first aid kit- Believe it or not, these exist but if you want to be fancy with it, you can make one yourself. It usually consists of plasters, a thermometer, diaper rash cream, baby medicine, etc

j. Humidifier- Perfect for soothing baby’s night time and nap time, a humidifier helps keep the air nice and moist

k. Baby clothes- Skip newborns and 1-3 and go right into the 3-6 and above! Get a cute outfit that you’ll recognize when the wear!

l. Bottles- Brands like Philips Avent Natural baby bottles come in sets already curated for a new mum so that makes the selection process easier. You can also go for Dr Brown’s, or any natural bottle brand (yes, they exist) etc. Trust me, they can never have enough bottles,l ol 

m. Bowls, cups and cutlery- Baby might not be eating out of these now, but they will soon! Get ahead of the game with colorful food holders, etc.





2. Nursery Needs- These are the things you’ll be needing the most in the ‘other room’, let’s see how we can help mum and dad here!

a. Wipes, and LOTS of them- Being of the environment, it’s important that single use waste creators like wipes should be as biodegradable as possible. Thats why for these, I’ve opted for a choice brand that IS concerned about nature: HERE

b. Changing pad- Easy to clean, comfortable and secure . Those are the words you should have in mind when getting a changing pad.Also, stick with safe colors like white or black. Check out this one for reference: HERE

c. Storage baskets- Going with the non-plastic theme, these can be wooden, raffia, cloth, you name it. A new baby will ALWAYS need places to store their clothes, toys and all of the above. Why not make it a matching set?

d. Wipe warmer- It’s literally a device that warms up wipes before you use them on your baby. You’re welcome


3. Bath time Basics- Baths are essential naturally, here are some things you can get to make baby’s bath a little more soothing and/or enjoyable:

a. Cetaphil bath products- Babies often come out sensitive, this is a brand that you can count on to take that into consideration, amongst others listed in previous sections

b. Silicone brush- Baby’s skin is still so soft and plush (yum?), a silicone brush is perfect for scalp care

c. Baby safe bubble bath- This could just be for fun but nice idea and the parents can use it to lol

d. Bathing seat or basin- What a cute idea to gift the baby something to have baths in? With this, the more subtle the color , the better

e. Muslin Washcloths and towels- Yeah, I’m not breaking that down more than this lol, you get it



4. Playtime Pieces- Toys are usually the easiest gifts to get and the most affordable. All you really need to do is pick a toy, pay for it, wrap it and its a wrap

a. Teething rings- Babies start teething earlier than you think so why not get them a two in one! A toy that is also a teether set? Sounds about right!

b. Anything musical- It’s no secret that babies love things that make music so why not get them a toy that drives the parents crazy but gets the baby excited? Win…win?

c. Soft toys- Starting off, you want to get a baby softer toys. It just makes sense. It also helps if these toys are easy to clean for hygiene reasons of course. Maybe soft cars or a little teddy?

d. Building blocks- Any toy that stimulates baby’s motor skills to be honest. If it’s brightly colored, can be stacked and makes noise, you may have yourself a winner and you’re on the way to being the uncle or aunty of the year!

e. Anything that squeaks- Yes, the baby is not a puppy BUT it does need to be engaged and excited. Squeaky bright toys can do that and maybe even more

f. A Play mat- A colorful mat the baby can play on and grow it. It would be amazing if it was also easy to clean and had some educational or musical value to it!

g. Bouncers- Fun little chairs that can soothe the baby to sleep or keep them engaged for hours on end! There are so many but with bouncers, the less colorful the better. We want to be baby on it, not just staring at it

h. Storybooks- How could I forget?! Gift the child your favorite story book or collection of books so that they’ll think of you every time mummy or daddy reads to them. Cute or cute?!!


Now, bare in mind that you can mix, match and even put your spin on any gift you want to get any mum, this is just a guide on the wild west that is the baby section of every single store out there lol. I hope I’ve helped!


Quick Question

What is one gift that I haven’t covered but you would recommend??


Be Better Brownie!



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