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What I Learnt From SMW

Saving And Spending And Money Oh My!

Written by: Bella Date: January 26, 2019

Dear Brownie,

I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of being broke. It wasn't till I realized how much my friends and I joked about being broke I knew it was time for an intervention. My best friend had bought the book ' The Smart Money Woman' and I kept on stalling to pick it up for her. Then the day came as it does every end of the month where you look at your account (or in my case accounts) and wonder 'Where has the money gone?'

I was having an off day and I decided to finally pick up a book that has literally been gathering dust in my archives and I spent the whole day digesting it and answering and asking questions. YOU NEED TO READ THAT BOOK


Anyway... I'm here to share some tidbits from my experience. Something that made me really think!


  1. Having savings doesn’t make you any money/richer- I KNOW! Listen, from the beginning of my adult life, I was obsessed with having money in my savings accounts.. I wasn’t really sure WHAT the point was besides having money in general, I just knew that it made me feel responsible and secure. But after years of ‘saving’, I realized I was still on empty. As a student that wasn’t really doing much (I mean, aside from the odd baking and blogging), I needed something else! In walks INVESTMENTS. Big word, yes? Not really! I always thought investments were only for people with a large wallet. But there’s really no limit to your investment possibilities. You know that 50,000 you got for Christmas ? Ask your bank what you can do with it, treasury bills, mutual funds, the list is endless. Instead of hoarding your money, let it make more money for you while you sleep. 
  2. Save with a purpose- It’s no use saving for nothing. It’s so much easier got put off money for a purpose. You savings should always be towards something. This of course means that if your savings should always be in some kind of motion. Either being built up for something in particular or being used to fulfill some kind of purpose.
  3. You’re probably poor- First of all, your net worth is calculated based on YOUR worth, not the worth of your family. Before you can even fathom being in a social class, you must calculate your assets as well as your liabilities(what you owe) and the the work starts. Until then, you’re wasting your time
  4. No goals, No glory- Just like you make life goals,  you have to make money goals as well. You don't have to start big (I want to save 10 million naira this year), you can start with weekly goals and build up to something bigger. Goals don't have to be huge to start out with and that's a mistake we all make!

I learnt so much more but I think you should give the book a ready yourself if you're interested! I hope this helped you get an idea of what you have to gain! I hvae to say, this was my most worth while read in 2018!


Quick Question

What book changed your life??


Be Better Brownie!



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