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5 Movies You Can Learn From

On Iroko Tv

Written by: Bella Date: January 19, 2019

Dear Brownie,

If you know ANYTHING about me, you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE Nigerian films. There’s something so comforting about seeing your ‘people’ on screen, even if just in caricature form lol. I’ve been wanting to make a list of movies I think everyone should watch for a while and now, with all this time on my hands, I’m literally refreshing my iroko TV page every five minutes searching for a new movie!


Now don’t get me wrong, Nigerian films have had a very and wrap. A lot of them are pretty bad to be diplomatic about it. However, sometimes while rummaging through the trash, you can stumble onto some amazing gems! 

Here’s my certified list of five Nigerian movies you absolutely MUST watch!

5. Close to Perfect - This one made the last at number 5 because I hadn’t watched anything like it before. It exposes what pastors would do and what their wives could put up with all for the face of the ‘ministry’. The acting isn’t perfect but the message is passed loud and clear. It’s definitely one that a lot of Nigerians should watch, even just to expose the terrible cycles behind certain ‘goal relationships’ I give this a 3/5 rating

4. Ibukun- I love village setting movies but you know what I love even more? Movies that are based on the kind of stories you hear from your grandparents, a tales by moonlight type situation. Ibukun tickled my fancy because it teaches the age old moral compass lesson and clearly shows what happens when you are good and selfless and bad and selfish. Definitely one to watch with the family, it can replace a story time at bed time in fact! The acting was amazing and the costumes fulfilled my village girl fantasies. Rating : 4.5/5

3. Ehi’s Bitters- I personally think there are not enough movies like this one. It focuses on a young girl raped by one of her mother’s lovers and despised by her mother for allegedly ‘ruining’ her life, but with a twist. It goes years into the future and showcases the now woman’s successes and limitations as well as the fate of her mother after chasing her away. It’s brilliant and the actors were casted PERFECTLY. Rating 4.5/5

2. Tatu- Tatu is a girl destined to be sacrificed to a demonic god worshipped by a cult. It tells her story of adversity and trials and little successes that I feel we all could relate to. The movie is shot so crisp and clear and I love that the scenes vary ranging from village settings to city ones and places in between. Worth the watch for sure. Rating 4/5

2. The Plot- A doormat of a woman abused heavily by her wealthy husband is then accused of his murder and the movie takes us along on her trial. I’ve watched several law based movies but this one takes the cake for me. If you want something full os suspense and enlightenment, I definitely think you should check this one out! Rating 4/5

1. Wives on Strike (1 and 2)- I know, I know, I’m rolling my eyes at myself as well. I don have to say that these movies were NOT overhyped. I thin I particularly love them for the grassroots appeal. It spoke volumes to see women from different walks of life and social strata band together to defend what is good and right. This is the ideal Nigeria for me, it was captured so expertly BOTH times, which rarely ever happens. You owe it to your country to watch this one! Rating 6/5!!

Quick Question

I’m thinking of doing different lists of my recommendations every once in a while. Would you be interested in my top picks monthly or bi-monthly? Let me know in the comments below!

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Be Better Brownie!



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