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5 Things I Didn’t Expect From Pregnancy

Shock And Surprise!

Written by: Bella Date: January 23, 2019

Dear Brownie,

Yes, yes, I’m still pregnant. Even though I’ve been pregnant for MONTHS, it still feels like I’ve only been pregnant for 3 months and if I’m being honest, I’m anxious to meet my baby. Churro has been cooking for a WHILE now! You’ll just wake up one day and see that your girl has popped out a baby! Now, before Churro makes a grand and hopefully peaceful entry, I’d like to talk about the things I just didn’t expect from pregnancy! 


Before I ever considered being ripe for pregnancy, I’ve been obsessed with watching labor videos, birth vlogs and the likes (I think God was preparing me without my knowledge) so when I found out that I had ‘fallen pregnant’ (Linda Ikeji reference lmao), I felt confident that as far as symptoms were concerned, I knew what to expect. WRONG, but let’s get started:


  1. I’ve barely gained any weight- As at now, considering that I’ve been 57-60 kg for the past 4 years, I’ve only gained about 5-7 kg. I thought by now, I would have BLOWN UP! And weirder still, the weight is literally only in my boobs and in my belly )thank you Churro! No swollen parts either, which I thought just happened naturally. Can’t complain I guess
  2. My boobs LEAK- I know its not breast milk because its clear but WTF? Especially when I first found out! In fact, that’s WHY I found out before I got a belly. Sometimes, I sleep and wake up with a little puddle near my boobs. Why wasn’t I told?? I feel like I’m already breastfeeding! I hope its a sign that I’ll be a milk machine but I really could have waited
  3. Weird rashes and dryness- the one rash is under my boob. It literally looks like I was punched under there, dry and red. But why? The. Dryness is all over my boobs bruh, it gets so bad that sometimes, I scratched myself. Like I have marks on my boobs, sigh. No about of shea butter has made it better, it just is what it is
  4. Reduced appetite- I can’t lie, I was excited to have the opportunity to ‘eat for two’ but my appetite has drastically reduced! I find myself more excited to snack than to actually have a meal. I feel short changed
  5. I still had my period throughout my first and part of my second trimester- Or what they’d call ‘light bleeding’ so your girl thought she was still having her period, casually. This was probably the weirdest one out of the bunch which is why I left it for last. Odd?

Honestly, this pregnancy has been a weird journey but I can't say it's been a bad time, lol


Quick Question

Have you been pregnant? What was the weirdest CRAVING you've had??


Be Better Brownie!



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