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So… Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

What To Do With Bae

Written by: Bella Date: February 07, 2019


Dear Brownie,

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m a hopeless romantic. Unfortunately, I’ve never met or dated anyone that was the same (Don’t cry for me Argentina) and as a  result, I’ve never really had a proper Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, for those in love and wanting to show some extra love this Valentine, as requested by an amazing bae of mine named Zara (parasite Churro and I say Hi), I’ve come up with a few ways to make your significant other feel special this Valentine’s Day.

And for those celebrating Gal-entine’s day, I’m going to have a whole other post specially for you as well! So, if you don’t DO valentine’s day, this post is going to make you gag,lol. Enjoy!


  1. An in-house picnic- Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year, this means that most people will be working during the day. So you don’t miss out on the romance on the actual day, why don’t we plan an in-house picnic? Here’s what you’ll need:
  1. A nice mat or blanket- Yes, we’re going authentic here. You’ll need somewhere to sit
  2. A big enough space for two- If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop you have access to, congratulations! If you’re like the rest of us, move around the furniture in your living room but maybe leave the TV
  3. Food- You know you S/O’s favorite food. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, the cuter the better
  4. Something to toast with- If you’re good to drink, why not get some champagne? That’ll probably be the only think you’ll splurge on but it definitely sets the mood and shows you put a lot of thought into it all
  5. Mood setting music- What songs do you usually listen to together? Lost? Here are some of my favorite youtube playlists to give you a helping hand-  I. II. III. You’ll notice there are old songs on here, Honestly, that was when romance flourished. Sorry, not sorry
  6. Something to watch- Now, this part isn’t about what you want to watch as much as it’s about what you S/O wants to watch. It’s all about them, remember?
  7. A walk down memory lane- DO you have old videos of you together? Pictures maybe? Why not create a cheesy slide show and reminisce on the good times together

Put all these together and you, my friend have planned the perfect date on a budget! Let me know how it goes


2. Dinner and a show- Not too far off from  our picnic idea, this entails you COOKING *gasp* for the current love of your life. Envision a candle lit dinner at either yours or their house with their favorite drink and food, some good conversation and a good movie after dinner. It’s a simple yet meaningful and therefore effective idea. As long as you can cook, you going out of your way to make the meal by hand will score serious points


3. A scavenger hunt- I almost did this for my S/O one year but randomly decided against it last minute (don’t ask). Create fun clues that take them to places you have made memories together. You get to sit back and watch them decipher these memories and they can get a treat every time they get the riddle right. It could end with a prize, or you could be the prize lol


4.Couples’ spa day- Now this requires some money BUT you don’t necessarily have to be outside. You can book someone to come over and give you and your S/O a massage or go to a spa for an out of house experience. This allows you both to relax without having to do too much planning and you can add in a meal or a movie at the cinema when you’re done. You’ll both be walking on clouds at the end of an amazing massage together


5. A Staycation- There is no need to travel for Valentine's Day when there are amazing untapped destinations right in your city! Find a hotel that’s quiet but close by and plan a day and night in it. It gives you a chance to be somewhere different from where you both spend time together. Go out together to choose snacks for your day away or pack by yourself, either way you’ll be together one on one for the whole day doing whatever your hearts desire TOGETHER. Get some wine/Champagne, order in and enjoy each other’s company without the noise from the outside world, Yes that means no internet or social media.


And if you’re bad like that, you can combine two of these in one: A staycation with an in built picnic, a spa day with a home cooked meal, the possibilities are really endless.


Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about letting those you love know how special you are to them. Don’t be afraid to do the most or be #soextra because love is worth it!



What are YOUR plans this Valentine’s Day?


Be Better Brownie!

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