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The Pregnancy Tag

I Really Thought...

Written by: Mama Zo Date: June 05, 2019

The Pregnancy Tag

Dear Brownie,

I saw this tag on Tuke’s blog and I thought it would be fun to answer the questions! As at today writing this post, I’m 35 weeks and 6 days and it’s the 4th of March so churro can come any day from now (nail biting), hopefully she has the decency to wait for her daddy and grandma, lol (UPDATE: She did not wait). She’s a bit of a madam already. Yes, I’m having a beautiful, smart and strong baby amazon.

My initial answers will be in black and my updated answers post partum will be in Pink so it's extra cliche!

Let’s get into the questions, shall we?


  1. How old were you when you found out?

I was 25 years old, but I’m having Churro a month or so after my 26th


2. Is it your first? Do you want more kids?

Yes! It’s my first and I definitely want more babies 


3. Did you wait three months to tell?

Truth be told, I didn’t find out till the end of my 4th month so I don’t know that this applies to me. I started telling close friends and family once I knew, held off on everyone else till the end of the 5th month


4. What sex did you want?

I wanted a girl, a mini me but I always thought I’d have a boy first so I for sure thought it was going to be a boy and I accepted it. Churro’s dad knew it was a girl from the beginning though lol

UPDATE: It was still a girl. It's always nice when its correct!


5. Have you picked a name? How difficult was it to do so?

I’ve had a list since secondary school that I update every couple of years so it was pretty straightforward for me. I got the first name, Churro’s dad got the middle name, with veto power of course

UPDATE: Her name is Zoë 

6. What weird foods did you  crave?

LOL, everything sweet! Especially sugar cane. I also really liked pounded yam and most native foods. I became a villager Lowkey

7. How much weight have you put on?

So far, I’ve only gained 10kg but it doesn’t really show. I started out at about 57kg and now at 34 weeks, I’m at 67.7kg. I know most of it is water weight and it seems to be all if not mostly in my belly


8. When did your normal clothes start to get tight & How much maternity clothes did you buy?

Most of my clothes still fit except the clothes that were custom made to my original body so I didn’t buy a lot of maternity. I got like 3 dresses for special occasions and some pregnancy leggings but that was it and i started wearing them at 6 or 7 months. I’m enjoying!


9. Best part of being pregnant so far?

Being treated like a princess by everyone, including staff in the most random places. I’m actually going to miss getting everything I wantttttt

UPDATE: I miss the bumppppppppp, that was my favorite part

10. Worst part of being pregnant?

Honestly, SLEEP. Churro’s aunt from her dad’s side got me a pillow almost immediately I found out but as comfy as my bed was, sleep has been choppy. In reality, sleep has always been an issue for me, it just got worse during pregnancy. Also, as I get closer to my due date, Churro has descended and now it hurts to walk sometimes. My poor pelvic floor lol. I’m also having to slow down terribly, I cant get up as quickly as I used to and all that. Tragic. 

UPDATE: Yup, carry on.


11. What's your birth plan?

I’m planning to go natural with the option of an epidural. Churro’s dad and I really wanted a water birth but most hospitals don’t allow you to actually give birth in the water and water labor takes significantly longer. I also want to give birth on all fours, as organically as possible. I’m hoping for a quick and as minimal pain as possible birth, no tearing. Amen!

UPDATE: HAHAHA! What birth plan boo? Click HERE to watch my birth Vlog and HERE for my storytime


12. What's in your hospital bag?

I’m yet to pack it but I’m doing that this week unfailingly and I’m filming the video of course

UPDATE: I packed it and I packed it so well that I actually used EVERYTHING in it!


13. Do you intend to be a work or stay at home mum?

I intend to work for sure

UPDATE: Working but working from home! 


15. When would you like baby to arrive?

Her due date is April 3rd which I would love but if she comes earlier, I’d love March 30th or 31st but definitely not April 1st,lol

UPDATE: Princess Zoë arrived exactly two weeks before her due date at 38 weeks lol. March 19th so sooo way offffff


16. Breast feeding or formula feeding?

Breast feeding by God’s special grace. I plan to start out exclusive and then slowly introduce a bottle so others can feed Churro as well

UPDATE: She's not really taking the bottle right now but we're going to keep trying and hopefully she gets used to it lol. Still breastfeeding though


17. Who do you think would be with you during labour?

Churro’s dad and my mother for sure. Maybe my aunt if I’m allowed to have more than 2

UPDATE: Because she came early ONLY my aunt was around lol

Pregnancy was so amazing every time 

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