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Blog Post Brownie Appreciation

Casual Sex With 'Round Table With Faozy'

Written by: Bella Date: April 06, 2016

' I love the idea of rubbing minds!'


Dear Brownie,


What Is Brownie Appreciation...?

I've been putting off posting in this section until I found the perfect starter to my brownie appreciation category. Simply put, this is my page for praising and of course, appreciating brownies from all over doing things I'd love to share with you guys! Things I honestly enjoy and feel you should too!



We're starting off hot with a new talk show called 'Round Table With Faozy' . Funny enough, I met Faozy several years ago on a trip to see the best friend all the way in Houston! I immediately sensed the electricity that came with her personality, in fact, that's how I would describe her, ELECTRIC. She's a Brownie I know for sure will ALWAYS stand out. When she told me she was starting up a show (after hosting a successful radio show) and she wanted me to check it out, I won't lie, I was honoured and very very curious! When you watch this first episode, you'll know why!

Keep doing you, Faozy! We can't wait to see the rest of the season!


The Show...

Really quickly , 'Round Table with Faozy' is a brand new talk show that is aimed at bringing together bright and sometimes opposing minds  to discuss topics things that we all talk about behind closed doors: you know, the things we discuss at the bar with our friends, or in the living room with our families. Round Table with Faozy wants to provoke conversations that matter in their purest form and I think it's off to a great start, don't you?

The first topic is Casual Sex and Faozy is joined by Drewwsky of Wowo Boyz and Elizabeth Nkechi, a stylist.  Now before I ask my quick question, I want you to check out the first episode here


Quick Question...

What are your thoughts on casual sex? Are you for or against?? Tweet your opinion with the hashtag #RTWF and let us know! I'm hyped to know what my brownies think!


Do You Want To Get Feaured?

Send an email to telling me all about what you do!


Be Better Brownie,




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  1. Etty April 07, 2016 | Reply
    Actually makes sense 👏👏👏

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