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‘ Alfresco- In Open Air’

Written by: Bella Date: April 20, 2016



Dear Brownie,



I cannot stress how important it is to stop every once in a while, go outside and take a deep breath. No, not just metaphorically! Physically as well. You’d be surprised at what fresh air and grass can do for the mindset. If you’re a super brownie, you’ll have noticed I’ve been on a youtube break for some weeks now! I miss it but I cannot under play how amazing it has been stepping away for a bit to get some air! Do you need some air? Get some!


Outfit Thoughts…

Now, all the pieces I have on today have been played and overplayed in my closet. Confessions of a fake blogger: I’m not the HUGEST fan of shopping if it’s not for baking stuff (I know, what a betrayed) so I love challenging myself to use whatever I find in my (or my mother’s) closet and here are some random tips! Let me know if you want more Closet tips, by the way!


  • A white button down shirt is indispensable! This is a REGULAR button down shirt that I adjusted to my mood that day. I have about 3 of them with slight differences, size wise to suit whatever occasion.


  • As much as it’s nice to have basics, it’s nice to have special pieces as well! I love this skirt because it’s light for Nigerian weather and it’s a conversation starter. In reality, the slit falls in the middle but Bella decided to wear it to the side, you know!


  • Mixing different textures always gives you the look of sophistication! That’s where my furry bag come in! Want to look blogger-esque? Mix leather, cotton, silk or even patent for a complicated look!




What I’m Wearing…

Hat- H&M, Alternative HERE

White Shirt- Cotton On

Skirt- Mr Price, Alternative HERE and HERE

Bag- Mother’s Closet , Alternative HERE

Heels-, Alternative HERE and HERE



Quick Question…

What piece of clothing would you challenge me to style in different ways? Dare me :)



Be Better Brownie!



3 Readers Commented

  1. Chi April 22, 2016 | Reply
    I noticed your YouTube absence. We miss youu!!! *Wails* Love the look -especially the skirt. Hmmm... Challenge: The "maxi-est" denim skirt you can find. Stay awesome. x
    • Brownie April 22, 2016
      Sigh, thank you boo! I actually miss youtube as well! I'll be back soon! And challenge accepted!
    • Chi April 22, 2016
      Whoop! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Also I love how you switch up the picture thumbnails (that's what they are called, yes?) from time to time for each post in the category page. It's the little things... :)

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