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Bella For President 2016

Written by: Bella Date: March 02, 2016

" Bella For President Of Style 2016"

Dear Brownie,



My boyfriend HATES my mules, but I'm obsessed.

Outfit Details...

This outfit makes me feel powerful and 'powerful' just so happens to be my adjective for the first quarter of my new year! (don't get it? You will soon :) . Like I'm the next president. Yes, I said president, not first lady! Natural hair came out to play as well! And there's a tutorial on how to get the easiest high puff in seconds on my channel soon! check it out HERE

What I'm Wearing...


Dress- Tahari

Belt- Asos

Sunglasses- Asos

Bag- Fendi

Mules- Asos

Quick Question...

What's your Adjective for the first quarter of 2016? #bella4prez2016

Be Better Brownie,


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