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Southern Pantherrr

Written by: Bella Date: March 02, 2016

" Southern Pantherrr is about being conscious of where you came from and respecting the beliefs of those that came before you"

Dear Brownie,


I'm HONOURED to have CEO and founder of Afrocentric Nigerian Based Jewellery brand Amayo Duke II contact me and offer to send me some amazing pieces not only for me but for my amazing brownies as well! yes, this company is sponsoring a giveaway on the blog! More on the giveaway later! Let's start this off right, shall we? I asked Amayo to send me her mission statement so you and I know EXACTLY what 'Southern Pantherrr' is about.

Mission Statement...

"Established 2015, Southern Pantherrr is an accessory line based in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Founder Amayo Duke II came up with Southern Pantherrr while daydreaming about spirit animals and the position of her south-south hometown Calabar, in the Nigerian political climate. "I'm from Calabar South specifically and there's a running Leopard theme in the Efik culture and it inspired the name of the Label. We are Black Leopards from the south-south region hence the name Southern Pantherrr. Being a Southern Pantherrr is about being conscious of where you came from and respecting the beliefs of those that came before you.

Southern Pantherrr is a response to the current inaccessibility that a small town like Calabar has to both high and high street fashion. All our pieces are handmade and our designs are inspired by the Efik culture and the Efik people. While the dream is worldwide acceptance, out highest  aim is to appeal directly to the people who inspire us in our little hometown. Our pieces are affordable and we believe that fashion is an attitude and should not be bound by seasons or trends."

The Goods...

Let's look more closely at each piece shall we?

1. The Cowrie Bracelet:

Now I'd say this reminds me of those shambala- esque bracelets, remember those? I love these because they are unisex, the material is so durable and beautiful and it comes in a variety of colours but i LOVE this gold one. It's in the latest collection so it is yet to be priced but I'll keep you posted

2. The 'Lights Out Honey' Choker:

You know when you see everyone on that choker band wagon and you're thinking to yourself "I really want this choker but I want something different..?'

Well, that was always me! this one choker made me calm down

3. The 'Eye Feel You' Necklace:

Now this can go from a subtle highlight to a statement piece in a matter of seconds. Gold and Black together looks amazing on just about anyone and I love that the design isn't overbearing, don't you? This retails for N2000 only. A STEAL

4. Faux Septum Jewellery:

This is a summer, winter, fall essential for most people and the trend has been on and popping of a while. I however, am just jumping on this! I received my first faux septum piercing jewellery from this company and I love it! It's adjustable, colourful and so so unique! Check some of them out!

Her Info...




Where to Buy...

Her pieces are available for sale at Ris Boutique, Axari Hotel, Calabar but for we unfortunate souls who live anywhere else besides Calabar, I'm sure Amayo would be willing to get pieces to us if we join forces and order in bulk maybe? (pretty please?)

My Thoughts...

I am yet to see any jewellery brand that is as:

1. Cultural

2. On trend

3. Minimalist

As Southern Pantherrr and I wish Amayo and her team happy trails! You can only get bigger from here!!


** Also, if you're a young creative working with your hands and you'd LOVE me to review your pieces, shoot me an email at with the heading : Review (insert brand name here) and we'll talk. Keep in mind that if I don't like something about the brand, I will not hesitate to mention it to my brownies!

Quick Question...

How do you think we should go about the Giveaway?? Comment Below :)

Be Better Brownie,


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