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Brownie X Critic Chef

Written by: Bella Amu Date: March 02, 2016

" I get to eat and look cute??! Sign me up! "

Dear Brownie,


Every once in a while, I get an amazing offer straight from God to work for a pretty cool cause! This time, I got to eat free food and act like a food critic for an amazing Nigerian run food directory called Critic Chef. It's a website that basically tells you where to eat in Nigeria! If that isn't genius, i'm not sure what is! this one is for the foodies out there <3  I was hired to model as a blogger (my favourite thing to model, lol) and it was fun with a capital F! Check out the pictures then skim to the end to see who did what!!

The Team...

Photographed by Rodney of Avo Photography

Styled By Emem of

Shout out to the Critic Chef team for choosing me! I can't wait to pig out with you guys again!

Quick Question...

What is currently your favourite restaurant?

Be Better Brownie,


2 Readers Commented

  1. Mmesoma March 19, 2016 | Reply
    Well,since you asked...Five Star foods and restaurant....Their dishes are so amazing.... Nice write up by the you bella💛
    • Brownie March 20, 2016
      Ooh! Where is that?? And thank you, sweet heart!

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